Zhejiang ChunLei Furnishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 by Ms. ChunLei Ye. As the pioneer of neoclassical furniture in China, ChunLei Furnishing Ltd is a professional furniture enterprise offering research and development, manufacturing, sales and service.

ChunLei Furnishing Ltd has a modernized plant of over 540,000 square feet, with a complete German production line from HOMAG and more than 500 employees. ChunLei Furnishing Ltd utilizes world-class solid wood furniture production technology and management practices. ChunLei furniture holds exclusive color scheme agreements with a number of fabric and leather suppliers from Europe, ensuring the uniqueness of the furniture manufactured. ChunLei Furnishing Ltd attracted a variety of outstanding management personnel and technical professionals to perfect production management and post-sales service. ChunLei Furnishing Ltd also has an exceptional interior design team and talented R&D team, producing high-end European and American style neoclassical furniture and creating an exquisite living space for the customers.

When ChunLei Furnishing Ltd started to create a unique and innovative neoclassical Chinese furniture brand, a long journey began. Eternal beauty is the result of seamless fusion between contemporary and conventional design. Create stylish and cozy living environment across the global, from concept to finish, utilize traditional Chinese hand-carving techniques, select top-end European materials, provide innovative design and uncompromising quality is the core mission of ChunLei Furnishing Ltd.

Spread stylishness and coziness through the make of furniture, deliver superior esthetic experience is our company philosophy. For ChunLei Furnishing Ltd, crafting furniture is way of expressing love, just like how Mrs Ye is caring for her family, the primary focus of her life. "Love is everything ... Home is where the heart belongs"

ChunLei Furnishing Ltd holds four brand names: SUOFEIYA, Aodiliya, Famiglia, and Metropolitan. Natural solid-wood with fine hand-carving, allows the convergence of European art and classical connotation for ChunLei Furniture. Numerous awards from national and international furniture exhibitions and more than 60 brand stores across the country will ensure you the best of the best from ChunLei Furnishing Co. Ltd.