In the eyes of connoisseurs, combining modern and elegant concepts in the design, the classical Italian furniture style is restored at ChunLei Furnishing Ltd. Adhering classical manufacturing techniques to the make of neoclassical furniture, using precious materials for decoration to redefine the value of the furniture and create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere at home is what ChunLei Furnishing Ltd trying to achieve.


Ever since ChunLei Furnishing was founded, traditional hand-carving is continued to be used. "Time creates quality", this is also the ultimate pursuit of our craftsmen. Through the hands of our craftsmen, the concept of Virtuous was conveyed onto the masterpieces. Hand-carving has a long history of traditional techniques and ancient arts. Its irreproducibility ensures that each piece of furniture will be a unique treasure.


From the initial unpolished raw material to the finished furniture that is placed at home, the wood needs to go through the steps of material selection, cutting, mortising, sanding and painting. With warmth from the craftsmens hands, our furniture would last for years and eventually become a family heirloom.

Gold Foiling

Through a special process, thin layer of gold foil is applied onto the surface of the furniture. With the highlights of gold, the furniture will be more magnificent and brilliant. Gold foiling was widely used in classical European furniture. The gold foiled furniture has added luxury which nothing else could surpass.


The craftsmen inherited the traditional Italian solid wood veneering techniques. The traditional decorative patterns are veneered onto the solid wood with natural cherry, ebony and mahogany. Color and texture differences from different veneering materials brought to the furniture colorful decorative effects.


Our selections of precious nacre (mother of pearl) are from the globe, such as freshwater pearl mussel and pteria penguin; each piece is taken from a complete shell. Four major characteristics of nacre are: pearly texture, marine atmosphere, natural, and environmental friendly. Artisans creatively embed them into the furniture. Its delicate texture reflects the smooth pearly sheen. Pearl is the only natural organic gem. In the natural environment, for the nacre to conceive a pearl is not only a blessed coincidence, but also a lengthy process. Perhaps it is because of the precipitation over time, the pearls are able to produce its unique smooth sheen.


The soft-pack furniture at ChunLei is like fashionable apparel. Its superior fabric, hand-cutting, sewing and the overall contour all demonstrates the evocative and elegant style. Each piece has its unique shape and is produced with diverse types of threads to create the unprecedented fine soft pack furniture. ChunLei Furnishings unique silk-to-fabric congregation technique introduces more pleasant sentiment into the furniture.


Silk Temptation
In the spirit of pursuing vintage style, silk embroidery has the perfect appearance, not too assertive and yet gorgeous just like a Hollywood star. No matter what kind of costumes she is wearing, it will always have the attractive and elegant look.
Velvet Temptation
The softness and smoothness of velvet with charming sheen makes it hard to resist, and it is gorgeous even at still. Currently the imported fabrics ChunLei Furnishing Ltd uses are from Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Turkey.


Our leather is from the first layer of cowhide, satisfying the demands of our customers. Leather has a special breathing feature and is suitable in any climate. It also has good toughness and flexibility, making it tear-resistant. Its smooth surface with firm and elastic textures resembles nobleness and elegance. Leather is the top choice for home furniture material.
Our SKAI synthetic leather is eco-friendly and is imported from the century-old German Company Konrad Hornschuch AG. Konrad Hornschuch AG has industry leading technology and design innovation with a strict regulation of process flow and specification, ensuring high quality products. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and Louis Vuitton are all its world-renowned partners.


Marble countertop with its gorgeous natural texture is greatly recognized in high-end furniture market. Marble with its homogeneous structure, its internal stress is completely disappeared and it will not deform. Marble is durable due to its high hardness, wear and temperature resistance. Our marble can be precisely cut into 8 to 25 millimetre thickness pieces by automated controls and applied with eco-friendly resin paint then polished. The marble color selections currently used at ChunLei Furnishing Ltd are: Brazil imported Romanian gold, Australia imported black gold, shell-textured, crystal white, rose red, coffee brown, snow white, silver-lined black and more.


European beech

With its stable characteristic, European beech is the best material for high-end furniture. The finished furniture is rigid, durable and has vibrant textures. Beech has soothing color tone with uniform yet delicate texture. When treated with steam, various shapes can be formed.

Northeast Chinese Birch

Delicate and soft, and its barks are pliable and beautiful. Its annual rings are straight, wooden structure is smooth and soft. It can be easily processed and has good painting and adhesive performance. The finished furniture is smooth, with clear pattern, firm and flexible.