Home-visit comes as a free service we provide to our customers. At ChunLei, every customer is greeted by a professional lifestyle consultant who provides free home design consultation service. With the consent of the customer, design consultant may also conduct home visits. From architectural environment and exterior style, down to room layouts and family member needs, the design consultants will acquire in-depth understanding of the family members, living habits and lifestyles. All these will be considered in space planning, furniture collocation, color collaboration, decorations of the entire house, which will perfectly resemble customerí»s image of a dream home. When you come to ChunLei Furnishing Ltd, our design consultants will first familiarize you with our furniture styles, basic principles of decorations and various color schemes. After you understood and selected your favorite style, our design consultants will incorporate your preferences into their designs. After inspecting the room layout and size, our design consultant will base on years of experiences to determine whether the furniture selected is appropriated for the room. Our design consultants will make an appointment with you in advance to conduct inspections and measurements. During the home-visit, they will learn more about the color and shape of customerí»s home, decoration and other existing amenities. For instance: Is the door opening inwards or outwards? How high is the ceiling? Where are the power and TV outlets? What is the width and distance of the adjacent room? These details will all be indicated on the drawings. Typically, after three business days, the design consultant will make an appointment with the customer at our store, demonstrating the proposed design, providing overall detail plans, including the furniture, sofas, decorations selected by the customer and their color collaboration. This would aid the customer with confirming the blueprint of the dream home.