Wooden furniture is gorgeous and elegant, especially the fine crafted wooden furniture. It is not only serving its functional needs, but also resemble as an art piece. Therefore, it needs to be properly maintained. Well maintained wooden furniture will always look brand new and eye-catching.
Things to note about furniture care:
-Wooden furniture should never be placed too close to the fireplace or radiator, nor should it be placed in an extremely humid environment. This is because the wood would expand when it gets wet and shrink or bend when it absorbs heat.
-Never place hot particles exceeding 100 degree Celsius directly on the surface of the furniture.
-To maintain the surface paint, avoid direct contact with acidic or alkaline material, such as soap bars.
-Do not wipe the surface with hot water, soda water, detergent and disinfectant.
-To maintain the structural integrity of the furniture, always place it stably on flat surface, regardless whether or not the piece of furniture is moved frequently.
-If it is necessary to move the wooden furniture, make sure to secure and protect all parts and move cautiously.
-Placing black pepper under the furniture can prevent mice from entering.
-Placing mothballs or tobacco leaves under the furniture can prevent infestation and cockroaches.
-Placing lime under the furniture can prevent ants and absorbs moisture.
-If the wooden furniture is positioned on the ground floor, small pieces of wood or dedicated pads shall be placed under the legs to prevent moisture. It is not required if the furniture is placed on higher floors.
-Painted furniture might need regular care, such as waxing. If the furniture painted was scalded to white color, you can try to wipe the surface with gasoline or alcohol. If the stain was persistent, try wiping with floor wax.
-If the furniture starts to crack due to aging, apply putty mixed with paint gently along the crack. This will prolong the life of the furniture.