ODILIYA Neoclassical Luxury
¡°Assimilates Italian rococo elements, steeped into history and romance¡±
Distinctive luxury

In Italy, ubiquitous cultural landscapes can be seen in Rome, best of art restoration industry was brought together in Florence ¡­¡­ In this birthplace of Renaissance, artists and artisans created glorious moment for the people around the world who adore the elegant lifestyle. For this reason, "AODILIYA" series furniture was created from the source of neoclassicism. In the eyes of connoisseurs, restore the classical Italian furniture style, adhering classical manufacturing techniques to the make of neoclassical furniture, try using precious materials for decoration to redefine the value of the furniture and create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere at home.

Fusion of Classical and Modern

¡°Clean, elegant lines with uncluttered appearance¡± is the main characteristic of neoclassical style. While paying attention to decoration, using modern techniques and materials to restore classical temperament, neoclassical style has both classical and modern aesthetic effects. The perfect combination allows people to enjoy the physical and spiritual comfort at the same time.

SUOFEIYA Forever elegant
Collide of Oriental embroidery and Western hand-painting
Perfect blend of Chinese and Western cultures

In Italian, Sophia means wisdom. It represents the intelligent and progressive spirit. Unique perspective and perception of shape, induces the "SUOFEIYA/Sophia" series furniture constantly improve its aesthetic design. Apply innovative means to inherit oriental culture and restructure the classical and yet modern, the traditional and yet stylish design concepts.

Sophia series furniture creates a style combining both Oriental and Western cultures. If presented as a single piece, it will fit right into the atmosphere and yet be the eye-catching focal point. Sophia represents a pursuit of oriental elegance, fashion, personality and lifestyle, rather than just a concept of a commodity. What we have produced is an enhancement of comfort in life and flagship in fashion.

Famiglia Enjoy life
¡°Joie de Vivre¡±¡ª¡ªmaking your own happiness

Strolling through the boutique stores along Laurier Avenue in Montreal, you will be surrounded by the soothing atmosphere filled with architecture design, music, art pieces and books. The comfort brought to your heart from the surroundings is silent yet powerful. French romance, with its gentleness, tolerance and enthusiasm, embraces the cultures around the globe. Rambling along the streets, you can feel the inspiration brought to the furniture by the fascinating curves of ladies. This glittering city is so fulfilling and delightful. No matter what form of art, only a simple theme is expressed in Montreal - Joie de Vivre (Joy of life).

¡°Famiglia¡± series furniture makes it possible to create Neoclassical European style in limited spaces. The designer captured the 1960s French fashion and spirit, utilized the "Art Nouveau" style in the lines of furniture design, bringing you the comfort and relaxation. The smooth European furniture curves, compact size, combination of classical and modern will satisfy your desire of diverse lifestyles.

Metropolitan, leading the design of the new fashion
¡°Creating a home for the way you live¡±


NEO-ART DECO is beyond any fine language in description. You may trace projections of Modernism, Classicism, Baroque or Art Deco styles. However, we adopted mainstream methods to reflect nowadays technology and way of livings while combining the oriental aesthetics and fashion.


NEO-CLASSICAL FASHION simplified artistically classical carving with smooth wooden lines to balance the pursuit and wonders of free culture consciousness from our contemporary society which achieved of simply but elegant, a perfect combination of Metropolitan fashion and classical style. 


Our designers followed modern concepts of life and affordable luxurious in colour, texture and material selections. Your trip towards an affordable luxury life could start anywhere like the overall furnishing colour, the original wood grain, exquisite fabric, delicate handicrafts or handmade wool carpet.